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Happy Dan

Happy 240th Birthday Mr. Webster

January 18, 1782

Happy Birthday to the man who our fair town was named after, Daniel Webster. A respected statesman, lawyer, senator, secretary of state, and constitutional advocate, Webster was known for his stunning oratories and many successful appearances before the U.S. Supreme Court.

When President Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address said "...government of the people, by the people, for the people...", he was paraphrasing Daniel Webster.

Festival of Trees Voting.

Congratulations to this year's top trees.

The Quild Guild's spectacular handmade ornaments won the day.
While the charming Lego inspired tree from the Saunders family topped the Children's division.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and to all of you who voted.

The Quilt Guild

Adult Winner

The Saunders Family

Children's Winner

Wanted: 3.5-4’ artificial trees for the Webster Museum’s Festival of Trees.

Some of our trees are begging for retirement after many years of service to their first owners and then to the Webster Museum’s Festival of Trees. If you or someone you know plans to discard a 3.5-4’ tree, please contact/have them contact Kathy at ktaddeo5@icloud.com.

Ted Ellstrom

Veterans Day Program

November 14th, 2021 at 2:00 pm

Photos from Mr. Ted Ellstrom visit to the museum are now online. Mr. Ellstrom shared his experiences in the U.S. Air Force during World War II including flying "the hump" between India and China.

The Hump was the name given to the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountains over which military transport aircraft flew from India to China to resupply the Chinese war effort of Chiang Kai-shek and units of the United States Army Air Forces based in China.

Ward Mann

While our Ward Mann exhibit has concluded, we still have a number of his works on display.

Please stop in Saturday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 2:00-4:30 pm to see Ward Mann's paintings and our other exhibits.

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Teaching with Wolves

Teaching with Wolves

Klem Road South turns 50.

A look back at a few of the things that made Klem South a truly unique place to attend school.

Read the story

Webster Adventure Lab

The Webster Walkabout Adventure Lab

Webster History on foot

The Webster Walkabout Adventure Lab will take you on a walking tour of some of the historical locations in the Village of Webster. This adventure is kid-friendly and handicap-accessible. Please stay on sidewalks throughout your journey.

You will be guided on a walking tour of the Village of Webster, NY, visiting five sites of historic significance to the founding of the Village of Webster. Your walking tour will take you on a 1.5 mile walk and will take about an hour to complete.

In order to play the Adventure Lab, you need a smart phone, with the Adventure Lab mobile app installed. The app works with both iOS (iPhones) and Android phones. You must have a free account on geocaching.com and you must also have a data plan and cell service. The Adventure Lab mobile app is a multi-media, interactive app.

To open this adventure in the Adventure Lab mobile app, use the following URL: labs.geocaching.com/goto/WEBSTER

Once you complete the Adventure Lab, you will be given a code to unlock a special bonus puzzle geocache located at the Webster Museum, located at 18 Lapham Park, Webster, NY.

To find out more about geocaching, go to www.geocaching.com

A Virtual Tour

"Let's Explore Webster"

With Doreen and Laureen from the Webster Public Library and Sharon Pratt of the Webster Museum.

Whilst our doors are closed to the public, you can still catch a brief glimpse of what lies beyond our doorway.

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Hamburger History

National Hamburger Month

...and National Hamburger Day is May 28th

OK, we may be a little biased, but there can't be too many cities with a tastier relationship with the hamburger than Rochester. Imagine heading out for a hamburger and only having the choice of McDonald's, Burger King or if you're lucky Wendy's. Here in Webster, we have Bill Gray's, Charlie's and when the bridge is open, Don's Original. Each restaurant with its own story and connection to the Webster community. Take a look at our little timeline of Rochester Hamburger history.

The Webster Basket Factory

Don Kittelberger
Behind the scenes at the Webster Museum (February 17, 2020)

Don Kittelberger who worked at the Webster Basket Factory for many years, was kind enough to stop by the Webster Museum to share some of his knowledge of baskets and the Webster Basket Factory with our museum volunteers.

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Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum

Our new nightly look, with thanks to Allan Electric. (Photos courtesy of Lynn Barton.)

World War Two

World War Two

Webster residents who never made it home.

The beginnings of a page honoring the all too numerous Webster residents who lost their lives fighting for our country during World War Two.


Dear Webster Museum

Notes from Webster Students

A selection of letters sent to the museum following student visits.

The Cunningham Automobile

100 years ago it was possible to buy an automobile that was built in Rochester, NY. Possible, but expensive. James Cunningham, Son and Company produced some of the most expensive vehicles available at the time. The Cunningham Automobile was a handmade, high performance vehicle that rivaled the likes of Rolls Royce.

Cunningham's clients included Cecil B. De Mille, George Eastman, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Marshall Field, William Randolph Hearst, Harold Lloyd, Mary Pickford, and the Wrigley brothers.


A small glance at the Civil War

New to the Webster Museum

Thanks to the many talents of Tom Pellett, the museum now has a miniature diorama portraying a battle during the American Civil War.

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