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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Thursday January 1

I went hunting with Charlie Robb and Henry Tompkins and at night we had a dance here
Friday, January 2

I went down to rights (Wrights) and rode on the hurry gig and at night unkel Al and ant Rose came down

Saturday, January 3 Work down to the mill.  George warren dide last night at.  I went up to Woodhull’s  with a note for Had and Em.  
Sunday, January 4 No funeral.  It was warm as spring and very mdy
Monday, January 5

I help Haty wash in the forenoon and in the afternoon I sifted seeds in the eving went over to uncle Johns.  Ira husk corn.

Tuesday, January 6 I went down to the mill and help saw wood and ten (?then) went down to mr warrens got a (   ?   )
Wednesday, January  7

I sifted aple seeds  Salker helped me and……………………

Thursday, January  8

I washed 0ut seeds and went over to mrs. Tompkins and borrowed her half bushel.  Ab Stoddard and Hosea balard spent the evening hear,

Friday, January 9 I wash out Aple seeds.
Saturday, January 10

I wash Apple seeds.  Walker Levens help me.  Ira work on the rail.

Sunday, January 11 Pleasant day.  Uncle will and Ant gen called this morning. I went down to Stephen warrens and he and Danie tomkins come home with me and we plaid hide and seek. Albert Stoddard called here
Monday, January 12 I reading lad came or caled here.  Ira work for Mr. Stoddard
Tuesday, January 13 I don’t noe what I done
Wednesday, January 14

I went to Uncle’s.

Thursday, January 15

I read a little  Albert Stoddard called hear and we…………………

Friday, January 16 I and Haty read and then went over to Uncle John’s and then come home and got reda to go up to Mr. Hatch.  I went up to Mr. Hatch to a surprise.
Saturday, January 17 I went up to Charlie Robbs.  Charlie and Annie called here tonight.
Sunday, January 18 I went over to John’s and then went down tonight.
Monday, January 19  no entry
Tuesday, January 20 I helped Ira husk corn and then went down to Willie Moots
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