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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
Bessie Cowles
Irva Wright

Monday, January 1  New Year’s Day once more   We spend it at Earl’s and had a fine time, not getting home until 11:45. As I have not written in my old diary I will fill this page with events of late.  Many social gatherings, Company Christmas, Julia left a week ago.  Have two weeks vacation, Read and did fancy work first week.  Received for Christmas pair of bedroom slippers, comb and brush tray, diary, stationery, two rings, pin dish, gloves, 13 books, 12 handkerchiefs and for New Year’s Papa gave me a beautiful riding bridle for  (     ). He is breaking her to ride.

Tuesday, January 2  Father went away Wednesday after a load of cattle, but instead he purchased four horses which he went after this morning.  They are dapple gray, black and bay.  It rained yesterday, Uncle John took Marjory to the car this morning with the bobs and Woodhull’s came to the store in an auto.  It rained some today also.  Papa came home without his horses, as they had not yet arrived.  It was sort of lonesome today, but this afternoon I trained Watch to go around the house with my sled and fed Beauty and Flyer each a piece of brown sugar candy.

Wednesday, January 3  I just see here a blot already!  Of all things! Now I will write better!  Yesterday I finished “Captain Beck’s Winter Cruise”.  Now I will proceed with “The Palace Beautiful”.  Papa brought the horses home today.  It rained again today.  This morning Libbie Woodhull called up and told mother to bring me to the club to-morrow evening because Robert was going to be there.  I was going down to Earl’s.  I’d really much rather.  Grace’s grandfather died Tuesday and to-morrow is his funeral.  Papa expects to go.

Thursday, January 4   I am writing this morning.  We are going to the city.  Papa to the funeral.  Mama and I to get my glasses fixed and shoes.  And this afternoon we are going to the Temple to see trained dogs.  We are all coming home about four and go to Woodhulls.  We did.

Friday, January 5   Studied on arithmetic some.  Also read “The Clansman” and wrote a letter to Julia.  Got a letter from Miriam.  Papa drove “Beauty”.

Saturday, January 6    We went to Grange this afternoon to initiation of officers.  Juvenile (Juvenile ed.) was not held.  Officers were:
Master             Ally Eckler, Jr.
Overseer          E. Bowman
Lec.                 Mrs. George Miller
Chap.               Mrs. Lane
Sec.                 Alma Miller
Treas.               George Dunn
Steward           D. Lawrence
Asst Steward   Herald Foster
Series               Esther Lambert
PO                   Eva Morley
Flor                  Miss Harris
Edith Dunn had mumps all week.

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