The Village of Webster’s Pioneer Cemetery 

The Town of Webster has several beautiful cemeteries, most very familiar to us. But the smallest of our town’s cemeteries is often forgotten, even though many of us pass by it almost every day.  

Robb Cemetery is an 8700-square foot parcel of land on East Main Street in the village of Webster, just west of Phillips Road. It is a true pioneer burial ground, with at least eight known burial sites dating back to 1823. 

The land was originally set aside from the farm of Andrew Rodd as a family burial ground – the only one in Webster – but other friends and relatives were also buried there.  

For many years there was no indication the land held a cemetery – no signage, not even any gravestones. In 2013, the Village of Webster officially took possession of the property, cleaned it up, and erected a handsome sign naming all of the pioneers known to have been buried there.  

A fascinating little piece of that cemetery’s history now resides at the Webster Museum. It’s the headstone for Nelly Wood, who died in 1838 at age 84. It was found many years ago in the basement of the house just west of the cemetery. No one really knows how long it was there, or Nelly’s connection with the Robb Family. But it is a nice reminder of the significance of Webster’s very own pioneer cemetery. 

Stop by the museum to see it for yourself any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday from 2 to 4:30 p.m. The Webster Museum is located at 18 Lapham Park in the Village of Webster.

Missy Rosenberry
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